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    hai, I use tomcat 6.0 server, but i can't use EL in jsp if i try to use EL, the syntax gets printed in the resulting page. for eg: ${requestScope.reg.name}-in jsp, instead of printing the 'name' property of the attribute, the syntax(${requestScope.reg.name}) gets printed.

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    the EL is not enabled enable it explicitly in your jsp by saying i believe EL is enabled by default ( i.e. in web.xml you have the sollwing as the default ) - *.jsp false but the default value of the isElIgnored in "true" and since directive always wins ( has higher priority over the web.xml tag ) you need to explicitly enable the EL in your JSP. hope that helps ! let me know niranjan8712@gmail.com
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    EL is enable by default in jsp 2.3 But it is disable in jsp 2.0. Check which version you are using.