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    The design/coding concept "Don’t Repeat Yourself" (DRY) has gained pretty wide acceptance. The originators of that slogan, Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt, known as the Pragmatic Programmers, have a number of other principles also. On their website you can find a page that lists them with a one line summary for each. Here is a small sampling of the list;
    • Program Close to the Problem Domain
    • Don't Assume It---Prove It
    • Design with Contracts
    • Don't Think Outside the Box---Find the Box
    • Don't Live with Broken Windows
    • Use a Single Editor Well
    • Use Exceptions for Exceptional Problems
    See if you can guess at what each of these means before looking at the explanation. You maybe surprised at the result.
  2. ha ha I think the don't think outside the box find the box could apply to most of the web designers I know.