Tim Shadel has turned off Cruise Control and turned on Hudson. In his weblog explains why. The entry starts with a simple 5 step exercise to get Hudson downloaded, installed, and running. He then uses a screen capture to show console output of a build. His biggest reason for using Hudson is simplicity. He states;
  • No more messing around with XML
  • I can setup a Hudson job and use it to run mvn release:clean release:prepare on my branch code. (Haven’t tried this beyond tinkering yet, though. Could possibly be manual or nightly job it seems.)
  • It’s easy to have several builds for different branches and see them all at once.
  • There’s a really cool build history graph that shows both the time it took to build each release, and whether it passed or failed — makes it easy to see your build trends on the team.
Tim invites you to try it out and then let him know if you think it was worth the switch.