eviware is extremely happy to release the first beta of soapUI 1.7, which adds a large number of major and minor improvements and bugfixes, most notabely the ability to create Mock implementations of WebServices directly within soapUI. This opens for a number of usage scenarios, including: - Rapid Prototyping of WebServices; generate a complete static mock implementation from a WSDL in seconds and add dynamic functionality using Groovy. - Client testing/development; create mock implementations of desired operations and set up a number of alternative responses (including scripts, attachments and custom http-headers). Clients can be developed/tested without access to the "live" services. Responses can be cycled, randomized or selected with XPath expression from incoming request - Test-Driven Development; Create soapUI TestSuites/TestCases against MockServices before/during the actual services have been/are being implemented - etc.. Other notable improvements are an improved WSDL inspector, new tool integrations (JBossWS-JAXWS / Oracle wsa), Initial SSL inspection, improved property-expansion, Updated NetBeans/IntelliJ plugins, etc.. and of course a bunch of bug fixes.. Read more about the new features at: http://www.soapui.org/new_and_noteworthy_17.html Download the beta from: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=136013&package_id=163662&release_id=485069 Huge thanks to our growing community (>2500 downloads per week!) for your feedback, moral support and patience.. and dont hesitate to contact us with any issues! /the-soapui-team