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    I have a webapp where I am logging information to console (in log4j) which writes to catalina.out log file apart from regular logging file and occasionally when I stress test the app i get this weird IOException that stream was closed. But when I removed writing to catalina.out this error disappeared and any amount of stress testing does not cause that same error. Did anyone else have this sort of error ?

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  3. Does your application functionality require you to log to catalina.out? kik the silly requirement-gatherer if so. You usually log when you have a fatal error. Archana, Last I heard, this message board was not *really* a social meeting place.
  4. John Its way easier to just print INFOs to catalina out by mentioning CONSOLE in log4j and tailing it for debugging purposes ... I guess almost all developers use some kind of logs.. dont they ?!?
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    If it is a technical discussion/question please ask here ....