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    In the statement, for(Iterator i =readyKeys,iterator();i.hasNext();) SocketAddress sock = channel.receive(bytebuffer); the SocketAddress is sometimes null , even while iterating throught the readyKeys (selector.selectedKeys() Set). Could this be a bug in NIO?

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    The documentation states:
    If this channel is in non-blocking mode and a datagram is not immediately available then this method immediately returns null.
    When you use NIO, your NIO-related code needs to be fairly tolerant of conditions such as this. Peace, Cameron Purdy Tangosol Coherence: The Java Data Grid
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    I did handle for the null condition as stated in the java documentation. But practically, the application seems to be dropping the packets, which I confirmed using the wireShark/Ethereal application This happens only in a few variants of linux like Ubuntu etc.