Is there a generic scheduling framework?


EJB design: Is there a generic scheduling framework?

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    Software Gurus, Not sure if this post belongs here so apologies in advance. Just wondering is there a generic framework for scheduling things? e.g schedule meetings but the framework should be generic to schedule any entities as long as they for example, implement a specific interface. Thanks.

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    called Quartz....available under apache license
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    Above is a job scheduler...not quite what I was looking for
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    I didn't understand,,,,,,, explain Faisal, please!
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    I was looking for some generic scheduling framework which can for example allocate resources e.g given x number of cases which have to be heard by one of y judges by z date, give me everyday schedule of each judge taking into consideration the availability of one of j rooms. Basically resource allocation problem.
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    Ok, You could create a rule to store the data! :)
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