Hi, I am trying to invoke a webservice by sending a soap request from XML SPY. The webservice is residing in a middleware tool (SAP XI) and we are using the WSDL file in XML SPY, which was created in SAP XI. When we try to send the soap request in XML SPY, it asks for user credential/authentication to access the SAP XI webservice. However the credential is asked only ONCE. For subsequent requests, the credential is not asked. This is causing the problem to us, SINCE WE HAD ENTERED WRONG CREDENTIAL FIRST TIME AND WE ARE NOT ABLE TO KEYIN THE CORRECT CREDENTIAL, SINCE, IN XML SPY, IT IS NOT ASKING THE CREDENTAILS AGAIN TO CORRECT THE SAME. My question is, how to force XML SPY to ask the credential again ? I tried modifying the WSDL file so that it asks for credential, but in vain. Your help is appreciated. Regards Ramesh