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    The Artifactory Team has announced the availability of Artifactory, an open source Maven 2 Enterprise Proxy. Artifactory is distributed under APLv2.0. As a rewrite of the original m2proxy, Artifactory offers everything that m2proxy used to offer as well as a set of enterprise features for a robust, reproducible and independent build environment when using Maven 2: - Ability to deploy a mesh of proxies, each site proxying another. - Enhanced security for controlling who can deploy/undeploy to where. - Multiple local repositories support (no need for separate server processes) with control on what can be deployed to each repo, either by include/exclude patterns or by snapshot/releases. - Optional authenticated download of artifacts from local repositories - Web based deployment, including extraction of the POM embedded in a deployed jar for a single transaction deployment of both a jar and its POM - HTTP(s) or WebDav deployment - Advanced indexing - Ajax web UI Artifactory uses a JSR-170 Java Content Repository (JCR) for storage, which makes it easy to manage searchable metadata, and to provide extended features such as security, transacted operations, auditing, locking, etc. A complete feature list is available at: It is currently available as a downloadable archive, that can run out of the box. An install script to run it as a Linux service is also provided.
  2. - I wanted to try the live demo but did not find out the login/pass to use. - java 1.6 as a requirement does not help to give it a try as it requires to install a new application server to drop the war.
  3. Hi, The login password for the demo is guest/guest (this is a limited functionality account, of course). Regarding 1.6, we are used to install Artifactory together with other build-related software on a dedicated development portal running it's own server in a dedicated VM. Nevertheless, it is possible to flex this requirement if it is proven to be a real need. You are welcome to post a request - Yoav
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    The required JDK version downgraded to Java 5 in version 1.2.1
  5. When I read the feature list of Artifactory I was amazed because it covers everything I'm missing with my simple Apache served and .htaccess-protected Maven2 repository. I especially like the search function and the ability to deploy artifacts and modified POMs in a convenient way. But Artifactory is in my humble opinion a little bit ahead of the times by using Java 1.6 and Servlet 2.5. I'm forced to use Resin 3.0 in combination with Java 1.6 and neither want nor can run Artifactory as standalone application. Resin 3.0 doesn't support Servlet 2.5 so I'm unable to use Artifactory it in near future. Don't get me wrong. I'm a huge fan of using new versions of whatever language specification or framework as soon as possible but in this case it is limiting the group of possible users to the lucky ones who have the opportunity to use the newest technologies. Anyway, I think the feature list of Artifactory is very promising and will make the maintenance of Maven repositories way more convenient. Even for me, once I am able to use it. ;-) Just my 2 cents. Best regards, Daniel Bechler
  6. ... neither want nor can run Artifactory as standalone application...
    Hmm, in my opinion Java Artifacts repository and management are very important to the health and productivity of development and therefore I think it is OK to have a them as a standalone application. Virtualization software like VMWare can help leverage existing hardware assets in the most efficient way.
  7. I totally agree with you about the benefits of a sophisticated Artifact repository and management. That's excactly the point of my complain. I just think that there are more people like me, who cannot simply move up to the newest versions of Java or their servlet containers to use Artifactory but would like to use it anyway (witout using a harder-to-maintain - in a system administrators view - standalone application). It's actually not exactly a complain but my point of view, because I don't have the option to use the newest standards right now.
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    I would like to add my vote for 1.5 version. Having it in 1.6 is restrictive, and am unable to migrate to artifactory. Look forward to a 1.6 version.
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    Done in 1.2.1 version. Enjoy.