Steve Jones: Church Turing reduction - the vendor way


News: Steve Jones: Church Turing reduction - the vendor way

  1. Steve Jones has posted "Church Turing reduction - the vendor way," based on an observation at QCon: vendors tend to say that "any solvable problem can be reduced to a previously solved problem," and advocate their product as the solution to your problem.. which obviously creates a problem in perception. Part of the paraphrased conversation between vendor and customer goes like this:
    Vendor: Well without clustering/framework/flying monkeys/deployment/management then nothing else will work and you will have complete chaos Customer: But my last project worked and I didn't have your product Vendor: But did you have problems? Customer: Of course there are always problems Vendor: This would remove all of those problems
    Obviously, this is a little disingenuous on the part of the vendors. (Although I have to admit, having flying monkeys on my next project is an interesting prospect... any vendors volunteering?) The other aspect of this is that Steve seems to define "vendor" as one who has a saleable product - but one can say the same thing about various specifications and open source projects, too.
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