Analyst4j - Find Using Software Metrics - V1.0.0 Released


News: Analyst4j - Find Using Software Metrics - V1.0.0 Released

  1. Analyst4j provides Java code search using Software Metrics.

    Analyst4j offers an environment to analyze and visualize code quality with help of automated software metrics and graphs/charts. It comes as an Eclipse Plugin at 83 Euro/User. Software metrics expose various quality attributes of software/code, which are of great use to evaluate and understand code quality. Analyst4j ensures effective use of metrics by providing a search facility based on automated software metrics. Metrics based search enables users to find facts which are otherwise impossible to find given the size of software. See the Detailed Feature list for more information. Possible usage scenarios
    • To do cause (Pareto) analysis, and find the 20% of your software artifacts which are responsible for the majority of the effect.
    • Find Antipatterns in Java using metrics (Blob classes, Spaghetti Code, Swiss Knife Classes..)
    • Perform custom analysis and interpretations based on automated software metrics.
    • Understand current maintainability of your project.
    • Find areas to improve /refactor to ensure future maintainability.
    • Prepare maintainability / code quality reports(pdf/doc).
    • Helps to estimate testing effort based on metrics such as Cyclomatic Complexity and Halstead Effort.
    • Categorize Code using metrics.

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  2. They haven't version for JDK1.4.
  3. Clarification[ Go to top ]

    Yes,Analyst4j needs JRE 1.5.0 to run. However it can analyze any version of Java source.
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    That's a very good point. Thank you, Patrick
  5. The vital few and the trivial many.[ Go to top ]

    Analyst4j can be very useful to plan and prioritize your Java maintenance when used in combination with other bug finding tools/plug ins.
    For e.g. Analyst4j can find the most Complex Classes using Weighted Methods Complexity(WMC) or Complex Methods using Cyclomatic Complex/Essential Complexity.
    Now running a bug finding tool on these resources and fixing them would ensure that the core part of your application is clean, other resource can be fixed eventually based on priority.
    Pareto effect – ‘the vital few and the trivial many’ Find the vital few using Software Metrics & Analyst4j.
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    Hello sir,

    I couldn't find much reference to this software metrics. I wish to know whether any blog or tutorial has been written about this. Also the link for downloading analyst4j. Thanks in advance.