Hi, We have web application running on Caucho's resin server(3.0.14) on jdk 1.5.0_11 and Red hat Linux. We are noticing that java process is running out of file handles within 24-30 hours. We have file limit of 5000 which it consumes in 24 hours throwing 'java.util.zip.ZipException: Too many open files'. I have made sure all sorts of file handles are closed from application point of view. Here is the snapshot of lsof (list of file handles) from java process. The following list keeps growing until it runs out of limit. Do you have tips/suggestions on how to mitigate this problem (considering we dont want to increase ulimit for this process)? Also, can you make out any thing more from the description of file handles like, are they unclosed POP3 connections or URL connection to external sites? java 7156 resin 120u IPv4 34930051 UDP localhost.localdomain:59693 java 7156 resin 121u IPv4 34927823 UDP localhost.localdomain:59663 java 7156 resin 122u IPv4 34931861 UDP localhost.localdomain:59739 java 7156 resin 123u IPv4 34932023 UDP localhost.localdomain:59745 java 7156 resin 124u IPv4 34930054 UDP localhost.localdomain:59700 java 7156 resin 125u IPv4 34927826 UDP localhost.localdomain:59665 java 7156 resin 126u IPv4 34927829 UDP localhost.localdomain:59666 java 7156 resin 127u IPv4 34930057 UDP localhost.localdomain:59703 java 7156 resin 128u IPv4 34930713 UDP localhost.localdomain:59727 java 7156 resin 129u IPv4 34930716 UDP localhost.localdomain:59730 java 7156 resin 130u IPv4 34932238 UDP localhost.localdomain:59789 java 7156 resin 131u IPv4 34932026 UDP localhost.localdomain:59749 java 7156 resin 132u IPv4 34932221 UDP localhost.localdomain:59770 java 7156 resin 133u IPv4 34932224 UDP localhost.localdomain:59775 java 7156 resin 134u IPv4 34932029 UDP localhost.localdomain:59753 java 7156 resin 135u IPv4 34932032 UDP localhost.localdomain:59754 java 7156 resin 138u IPv4 34932035 UDP localhost.localdomain:59760 java 7156 resin 139u IPv4 34932038 UDP localhost.localdomain:59763 java 7156 resin 140u IPv4 34932227 UDP localhost.localdomain:59780 java 7156 resin 141u IPv4 34932230 UDP localhost.localdomain:59781 java 7156 resin 144u IPv4 34932234 UDP localhost.localdomain:59786 java 7156 resin 146u IPv4 34932241 UDP localhost.localdomain:59792 java 7156 resin 147u IPv4 34932247 UDP localhost.localdomain:59802