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    Hi all! I have been searching around for a free (or extremly cheap) xml-editor for Eclipse 3.2, but I have not found any free alternativs that run in 3.2 (there are loads of them that run in 3.0 and 3.1, but they all seem to be incompatible with 3.2. My old favourite XMLBuddy does not seem to support 3.2, for instance. Which xml-editor do you guys use (as an Eclipse plugin)? I bet that the vast majority of you use Eclipse 3.2, so there must be good alternatives out there! Thanks! /Niklas
  2. Hi, This might not answer your question but would you like to try something that is not part of eclipse yet but can be made into a plugin. Iam talking about the XML editor I have developed. It is written in java and though at present there is no plugin for eclipse can easily be plugged in with a little effort. I would like for people to try the editor and give feedback on whether it would be worthwhile. There is both an open-source free version and a commercial version the links for which I have given below: free version : http:/ commercial: cheers, omprakash
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