changes made in jsp pages not showing in weblogic 92


EJB programming & troubleshooting: changes made in jsp pages not showing in weblogic 92

  1. Hi: I am using Weblogic 92. I ran an ant script and it copy the ear file to the following directory. C:\bea92\user_projects\domains\Inquiry\autodeploy This should autodeploy the application but it doesn't seemed to show the changes I made. I also copy the ear file to the following directory: C:\bea92\user_projects\applications\Inquiry and C:\bea92\user_projects\applications\Inquiry\autodeploy The worst part is even if I delete the ear files in the above directory and when I restarted weblogic 92, in the admin console it still shows it and when I tried to delete it, it says the ear file was deploy autodeploy and you must delete it manually something like that. But I already deleted it manually but it still shows in the weblogic console. This is very frustrating. In weblogic 8.1 I didn't use autodeploy and I don't have any of these type of problems!! I also noticed that in the directory: C:\bea92\user_projects\domains\Inquiry\servers\AdminServer\stage\_appsdir_inquiry_ear it contains an old ear file. What are the directory I have to updated exactly with the new ear files for the changes to show up in the application? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Yours, Frustrated
  2. I 've used Weblogic 8.1. Generally when I deploy using the admin console weblogic copies and extracts the contents to the stage directory. D:\bea\user_projects\domains\mydomain\myserver\stage And when I have any minor changes to do in JSP I directly change them here and without re-starting the server changes would get reflected. Hope this helps.