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    Pls. tell me how to start writing EJB program, i mean to say which SDK should I use : BDK1.1 or any other SDK ??

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    you have to use a Webserver (Weblogic or Websphere) to run EJB. you can't use BDK1.1, since it can only be used to run Simple java beans and not Enterprise Java beans.

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        You have to use J2EE.You need to download javax.ejb
    you need a application server such as weblogic/websphere
    that you can download.

    step 1:write the following java files
     remote interface for your bean
     Home interface for your bean
      bean class
      deployment descriptor
    step 2:compile the above files.
    step 3:package the above .class files in to ejb-jar file
    step 4:generate the container using ejbc commmand/using tool
    step5: deploy the jar in the application server.
    step6: write the javaclient program to access the ejb component
    step7:run the server
    step:8 run the client program.
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    Most servers provide you with a GUI that will walk you through the packaging and deploying process. Good luck!!!
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    the best place to start is http://developer.java.sun.com/.

    You will need to register. Then Go to "Early Access Download" and get both j2eesdk1.3.0 and j2sdk1.3.01; both are in beta but they work fine and have better features than the original.

    You will also find a lot of other resources there which will enable you to make a good start ....