Problem while accessing JMS message through session bean


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Problem while accessing JMS message through session bean

  1. Actually I have a session bean which publish a messages to Topic and which isten for the results from Queue.

    The MessageListener object which as ServerSessionPool
    receives message from Topic and process the result back to
    the Queue.

    The session bean reads the message from the queue
    and send the result back to the client.

    Is this architecture will work for concurrent request----(1)

    Suppose am publishing 3 sql queries as message to topic
    I need to get the 3 corresponding results back to the
    client.Sometimes am getting 3,2,1 or no message.
    Why it so-----------------------------------------------(2)

    When I execute two client am getting response in one
    of the client only.Why it so----------------------------(3)

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Try with message selectors while posting into the queue and the client should look into the queue with the same message selectors

    hope this clears your problem

    Ravi Sri Ramana