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    Hi all, I'm looking into building a framework to implement a web application product suite (CRM-type stuff). I'd like it to be an AJAX-based framework that would probably build upon an existing framework, if possible. Java would be a requirement, unless there is a compelling solution elsewhere. The main requirement would be that it would allow us to extend the frontend functionality (new screens, new fields, etc) very rapidly, so we can easily add to it. Ideally, to have a situation where adding new screens is done in XML config, without requiring development of new code releases, so that clients would even be able to configure their own functionality, even bolting a frontend on to this work (if not already there). I'm sure it would be impossible to have such a framework already out there, or else it would be very expensive, or very constrained in what it allows. But I'm thinking that it should be possible to build upon an existing framework, to develop something that suits our particular requirements. We currently use struts + hibernate, but we find it takes our developers a long time to code, and its error-prone (I know, we need better developers, tell me about it, part of the reason for this is to minimise developer requirements). Anyone any ideas? What would be the closest I'd get to this (something that minimises dev time)? Or is something like Seam the closest? I know theres lots of posts on frameworks, but mine is specifically on extending a framework to completely minimalise subsequent development, so apologies if its already been answered. Thanks if you can help
  2. a framework for a framework(Spring,etc..) personally i think you should adapt a good TDD(Test driven development) strategy to remove the error prone code.
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply. Yeah we pick up most of the errors in test, I'm more looking into reducing dev time in the first place.
  4. just check foll. link... I guess its the most perfect list of AJAX frameworks..... Also check the "licensing" before using it.... Google Web Toolkit and Java web parts( seems to be good options for your requirements...