SweetDEV Studio 2.0 released by Ideo Technologies


News: SweetDEV Studio 2.0 released by Ideo Technologies

  1. SweetDEV Studio 2.0 is an eclipse plugin based on BEA Workshop technology, which analyses the relationships between the Web applications layers. That's makes a real difference compared with the competing products. Ideo Technologies proposed a new version of SweetDEV Studio, which integrates SweetDEV RIA, the Open source Ajax tags library. SweetDEV RIA brings a set of advanced Ajax tags which facilitates and accelerates the work of development teams to build Web 2.0 GUI. Developers are able to implement directly and easily the following ajax tags in their JSP pages : * Datagrid * Multi-sorting combo * Window * Windows docking * “Click to open” function * Expand/collapse function * Excel export * Treeview * Tabsheets * Calendars… Download today : eclipse plugin with SweetDEV Studio 2.0 Ajax tags with SweetDEV RIA
  2. kind of a feeling that we are riding any 2 years old wave ! what's up guys ? can someone tell us more ?
  3. We are always happy to discuss about technology and trends. Feel free to contact us for a positive chat.