soapUI celebrates more than 100 000 downloads to an estimated 25 000 users increasing by more than 250 daily, making soapUI the number one Open Source Web Service testing tool worldwide. We at eviware are now proud to announce the immediate availability of soapUI Pro, an extended commercial version of soapUI which adds the following to our existing soapUI offering; Dedicated support from the eviware website, including - Prioritized discussion forum - Extended documentation with examples, tips & tricks, etc - Demonstration movies of common tasks, use-cases, etc.. A number of productivity enhancements to the soapUI core which eases many reoccurring tasks when working with soapUI. The extended features can be grouped as follows: - Message Editing/Inspection Enhancements to simplify the editing/inspection of service messages and their contracts - Additional TestSteps for DataDriven and Asynchronous testing to reduce the requirement and development time for groovy scripts - General Enhancements / XPath wizards to reduce the time for common tasks Price is set at 349 USD annually with an initial early-bird discount of 50 USD until April 29:th. Please read more about soapUI Pro, features, purchasing, support options, etc at And please feel free to contact us at eviware if you have any questions! - for support-related issues: support at eviware dot com - for purchase-related issues: sales at eviware dot com - general questions: info at eviware dot com /