Contract-First or Code-First Design – Part 2


News: Contract-First or Code-First Design – Part 2

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    The second in the series of transcriptions recorded in a bar in London between Ted Neward and Adrian Trenaman is on the code-first/contract-first debate, wherein the question is asked: What price RPC?
    Code-first interfaces may not be well suited for the demands of remote traffic. It's generally accepted that not all procedures or methods should be made remote: if you're going to take on the overhead of a network call then you should maximize the amount of data transmitted with each call. Current coding practices often lead to many fine grained methods (for example, get() and set() methods on Java beans) that are unsuitable for remote access. Early Java-to-WSDL tools generated WSDL on a class/interface level, not allowing you to distinguish between those methods you wanted to expose remotely through the WSDL contract and those you want to remain outside of the contract. Newer tooling using JAX-WS and .NET does allow you to specify remoting on a per-method basis, which alleviates this problem somewhat. However, this tooling relies on network-savvy developers and designers - are they always going to be around to make sure someone not so clued in starts adding poorly designed operations to the interface?
    Contract-First or Code-First Design – Part 2

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