That's right, people. Once again, it's time to show us your stuff. We're announcing Atlassian Codegeist 2007: our second annual plugin competition. This year we're giving away $20,000 in cash plus other prizes from our sponsors: YourKit, Cenqua, ServerSide, and Jetbrains. In the last year, Atlassian has grown, and so our plugin competition is growing, too. We now have four products at Atlassian, and we're going to split Codegeist into four categories: one for each product. We're giving away fabulous cash and prizes to the person or team who comes up with the coolest, most useful, most elegant plugin for each of Atlassian's products: JIRA, the professional issue tracker and Confluence, the enterprise wiki, Bamboo, our continous integration server, or Crowd, our indentity management solution. Details at