File Transfer between two Unix Systems in J2EE Application


General J2EE: File Transfer between two Unix Systems in J2EE Application

  1. I have an j2ee application which works on three tier architecture like Web Server, Application Server and Database Layer. These are three different unix based machines. Application uploads file into the system on Web server, but I want this uploaded file to be transferred to different machine on which Application Server is running. Because at Application server a seperate sqlloader utility will run and inserts the data into database. But i can not use ftp and rmi due to security concerns on machine. What are the ways to transfer file on unix system using Java Application
  2. the Application Server uploads the fine to it's filesystem...and you want to move the file to another remote filesystem?
  3. The File is at Web Server but i want it to be transferred to App Server.
  4. if the file sizes are not to big, you could use JMS, the WebServer would send the document(binary) in an JMS message to the application Server for consumptions. why don't you just save the file to the database? your JSP server is saving the file correct? have the JSP Server(web application), save to the database..?
  5. Thanks For your reply Can you please tell me how exactly i can use JMS. I do not have much of experience in JMS. Well as per the application flow, all database calls are made at application server site. So i can not insert from web server.