Analyst4j V 1.5.0 offers automated software metrics, visualization and reporting features to measure changes in Java source code. Systems undergo continuous changes, by analyzing their source code before and after a proposed change it is possible quickly understand the changes in design, effort and maintainability.

With the new version of Analyst4j it is possible to analyze code quality and visually compare the results with one or more versions. A detailed case study of using software metrics to measure changes can be found here. List of Notable Enhancements in V1.5.0
  1. Version Comparison
  2. Regression / Change Visualization using graphs
  3. Search using metrics across multiple projects
  4. Problem Marker Visualization
  5. More Metrics and Enhanced static code analyzer
Product Homepage | Trial Available Commercial Product, Price € 137 / user. Discuss the merits, demerits and your experience.