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    Can anyone please convert this STRUTS program fragment into JSF.....

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    Let me first ask what are you using for JSF. I ask this because frankly no one should think they are going to get very far with the RI. Thus I suggest Trinidad or Oracle ADF (same thing). I do this all the time in Trinidad ... The problem of course is the iterator and JSF just has no support for this. In trinidad it is Now a few things about the above. You could replace tr:iterator with tr:forEach only subtle difference between the two. Note: You cannot use c:forEach with JSF. Typically in JSF we navigate slightly differently using JSF action or actionListener and navigation handler. You could used tr:goLink but then you would have to construct the URL and this is not easily done using expression language. How to do that would not be hard but would take a bit of code. You will have a problem with TreeMap since the iterator will only take a collection. Number of ways to do this, you can implement JSF's DataModel, Trinidads collection model, or just flatten out the tree using values(). You can email me direct if you want more help There are other extensions to JSF but you will need one of them.