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       My Sessions in JSP pages are working fine with Netscape where it's giving problem with IE 5.0/5.5 in some machines(where workin fine in IE with most of the machines.)Why it is happening like this?And How to rectify to make sessions run in all browsers...I've checked the proxy settings also.

    Jithendra Ganji.
  2. Hi!

    Perhaps the user has denies the use of cookies!?

    You can suppress the use of cookies (independent of the preferences of the users web browser) by configuring your app server to only support the use URL rewriting.

    In Bea WLS you need the following lines in your file:

    --- snipp ---
    # Enable session management
    # Disable use of cookies
    --- snipp ---

    IMPORTANT: Do not forget to always use response.encodeURL() in all your JSPs. This will append the session identification as a parameter to your form actions and hyperlinks.

  3. Hi

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    we are using only Iplanet Web Sever.not any application it that do we need to set some properties of the
    browser IE 5/5.5?

    can you please let me know the exact properties to be set in the browser to get the session values?

    "response.encodeURL()" will this really work to pass the session value through URL when we use post method?

    Thank you


  4. Hi!

    1.) To ensure the uses of URL rewriting you can try to deactivate cookies in the browser preferences.

    2.) Use "response.encodeURL()" to append the session information to hyperlinks AND form actions. If you use forms with method post you can also use a hidden input field to provide the session information, but this is not necessary - encoding the action URL should do the job.