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    We created a web service using Eclipse, I had axis plugin installed. We have Tomcat 5.5 and mysql. Eclipse created some sample jsp files, once I created the clinet using the wizard. I made changes in the jsp file which had the webservice calls. Now the problem is, eclipse by default created and deployed the folder inside the workspace : ".metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.wst.server.core\tmp0\webapps" I copied the whole folder and pasted it on my apache tomcat server. t runs fine at my system. But when I try to run on a different machine it gives the following error (page is displayed, in the jsp page I've used try catch and displayed the error). exception (404):MyWS/services/MyWS Plz suggest what the problem might be...I'm pretty new to web services. Also what is an endpoint and whats its significance.

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    I can suggest u the alternative solution of using axis.U can use command prompt and u need to create webserices only once and u can deploy in axis in tomcat. I also tried with that axis plugin in eclipse.But it did not work for me.So i prefered this approach. It is working for me . this is the link http://www.onjava.com/pub/a/onjava/2002/06/05/axis.html?page=2 This may be helpful to u regards, Digesh kumar sahu, 09986718502
  3. Hey Digesh, Thnx for the reply...this method looks a much simpler...with eclipse it some what confusing as I don't whats actually going on in the back. Will definitely try this one...the example they have given is for standalone application. How do I call the webservice from a jsp page using this method...previously eclipse generated the required file and all I had to do was modify them. Looking fwd for ur reply.
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    I am calling client as a struts .And after the generation of java files, i called the webservice as LeaveWebServiceService service=new LeaveWebServiceServiceLocator(); LeaveWebService leave=service.getleaveWebService(); first one to locate the webservice. And second one to get the reference of the generated class. i.e SoapImplBinding---generated by wsdltojava tool and when u register the webservice ,one server-config.wsdd file will be generated. u r actually looking to that webservice.