ZDNet: Sun announces release of a GPLv2 OpenJDK


News: ZDNet: Sun announces release of a GPLv2 OpenJDK

  1. According to Ed Burnette from ZDNet, Sun is announcing a fully buildable release of OpenJDK under GPLv2. There are still a few bits and pieces that weren't released by the original code owners, but none of it looks to be server-side related - the font rasterizer and sound libraries were pointed out (and they'll be available as binary releases.) This is big news, but somewhat expected - the keynoters at Community One were dropping hints of "big news" during the entire talk, plus Sun's been saying something like this was in the works for a while. So what do you think? Any takers to rewrite the font rasterizers or sound libraries under GPLv2? Any thoughts on what this means, if anything, for Harmony? My guess is that it won't mean much, because the ASL and GPL aren't quite the same, and those who want the ASL won't find the GPL satisfactory.
  2. I think we were all expecting this to be announced during Java One so it's no surprise. It's good new nonetheless.