SCM4ALL 4.1 released, boosts your SOA & Agile development


News: SCM4ALL 4.1 released, boosts your SOA & Agile development

  1. SCM4ALL 4.1, which was just released, offers a secure yet flexible process-centric software change management solution for both local and distributed development teams, and manages and automates SOA, Agile and traditional development processes. It complements existing version management tools by automating the complete software life-cycle management process, offering a single point of control and delivering support for your build, deploy, release and software life-cycle management and the associated approval processes. SCM4ALL helps reduce build complexity, solving complex deployment issues and accelerating release cycles. A tailored life-cycle from development, test, quality assurance and production can be implemented, offering a comprehensive framework across all major platforms including Windows, UNIX, Linux and even z/0S mainframe systems. SCM4ALL also has a stream-based project model providing support for multiple parallel life-cycles for different releases undergoing parallel development of a product. It has a state-of-the-art architecture to control remote build and deploy servers and offers a one click interface to bring your application to life on as many servers as you want. If things go wrong, you can easily roll-back to a previous release. SCM4ALL facilitates compliance with legislation like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, DO-178B and numerous similar state-specific acts and improves an organization's ability to conform to popular process standards (such as the CMM, ITIL, Six Sigmaâ„¢). It can play an integral part in achieving compliance through automation of the business process, including all software development processes, notification and approval activities,and provides full audit trail and reporting facilities. With SCM4ALL you can guarantee the quality of the code and the deployment process, and provide a traceable and auditable logging for each step in the life-cycle. The final goal is a comprehensive end-to-end framework, where not only the needs of the developers are met, but also the interests of all other stakeholders. For more information SCM4ALL 4.1 is available today, with Maven 2 support, a new RSS notification system, support for JBoss, and more. A fully functional evaluation version can be downloaded from:
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