J2EE May Overtake Microsoft in Enterprise Deployments


News: J2EE May Overtake Microsoft in Enterprise Deployments

  1. The Giga group says that "J2EE May Overtake Microsoft in Enterprise Deployments". Giga's conclusion is based on "Audience polling at Giga's recent Application Architecture conference in London". 57% of the conference attendees were convinced that J2EE was the right choice compared with 28% for Microsoft offerings.

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    J2EE May Overtake Microsoft in Enterprise Deployments

    Audience polling at Giga's recent Application Architecture conference in London shows a strong shift toward Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) for enterprise and e-business applications. Polling also shows strong support for server-based component architectures. The numbers argue that (1) J2EE has a strong lead over Microsoft (57 percent to 28 percent) in convincing enterprises that it has the appropriate strategic architecture for enterprise applications and (2) the market understands the value of Enterprise JavaBeans and COM+ and is committing to future development using these models. This provides confirmation for users of J2EE, pointing to a future time when J2EE enterprise deployments will overtake Microsoft-based enterprise deployments. It builds assurance as to the future market stability and growth of J2EE and server-based components.
  2. Hi,
        Great News for the J2EE Community.

  3. It is no surprise, as it is a very much expected fnding.
     Anyway three Cheers!! for the J2EE community.

  4. As much as many of us would like to believe this, it's probably premature to do so. How statistically significant is a group of people surveyed at a Giga-sponsored event in London? Sorry, but I don't look to the English to spot technology trends. If you want a bellwether in America, look at job postings in Tampa, Phoenix, Portland, and Denver. These markets are traditionally early adopters of new technologies and tend to be leading indicators of what's happening next in the U.S. In these places the numbers are not quite as good, but still show favorable momentum for J2EE. I'm guessing C# and .Net are the only obstacles in the next year to continuing this trend (no matter what Sun says, MS has the mindshare so far in the new world of web services).
  5. J2EE, VB, C#...who cares? I'll write Word docs if it pays enough.
  6. This is definitely a very good news. However i think to completely overtake microsoft enterprise deployments, we need to have some good RAD tools for J2EE. This is one area where microsoft's COM/ASP/Interdev can actually compete with J2EE/EJB.

  7. This thread : http://theserverside.com/discussion/thread.jsp?thread_id=4306 might also be of interest in the -

    J2EE vs M$ .NET debate...
  8. to some extend you are right.