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    Hi All, I am a new member of this community and new to java development too. My company owns a cyber cafe that has a server and 10 dumb terminals. The task assigned to me states that an application needs to be developed where as soon as a node is switched on, the screen should pronpt for a username/and password and then allow the visitor to surf the sites depending on the payment he has already made. My concern is .. can this be made using jsp and servlets. I am a bit confused as to how to start. If experts can give me some tips as to how to start .. I will be greatly obliged. Its typically a cyber cafe application. It may sound silly for the experts but I really need suggestions so as to start the project
  2. You aren't providing enough information about the overall architecture but based on the information you gave I suppose servlets and jsps are not the thing you are looking for. These are purely server side technologies and what you need is a client side solution. Actually, it's not necessary even a good idea to use java in this project. If I've understood your needs correctly, you need a low level access to the system so that you can prevent user from using the system when his payed time is up. Furthermore, as the world is filled with internet cafes, I suppose that there are several commercial solutions available that take care all of this. I think you should concentrate on your own business and take a look at these solutions.. it is likely that they will be more cost effective.
  3. Thanks for your timely and valuable reply. But the senior manager of mine wants me to build the software in java technologies. His point is:- 1. As soon as the node is switched on, the software should authenticate the user. 2. Once authenticated, he should be allowed to use internet and the system resources. 3. The software should automatically log him out in case his pre-paid value gets over. 4. Actually, he wants to have a paid internet access. I know I might sound silly as I am a fresher but still would be obliged if you can suggest me an approach for this.
  4. Guys, you can find a lot of developed solutions for this purpose.