Hi, I am writing a web-services client program using weblogic web-services (stub generated by weblogic client-gen ant task), and while invoking the service, I am getting the following exception weblogic.webservice.tools.wsdlp.WSDLParseException: ERROR[WSDL Parser]:first element is not definitions at weblogic.webservice.tools.wsdlp.WSDLParser.assertion(WSDLParser.java:767) My wsdl elements has a namespace-prefix wsdl. ie, instead of , the tag is . I am suspecting thats the reason. But I cant change that prefix. I am defining the namespace wsdl in the element, definition as - xmlns:wsdl="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/" Anybody knows the solution ? (Either to ignore element-prefix - wsdl, or force the parser to consider the prefix wsdl as a valid one )