Does a JTA-aware transactional hashmap exist?


General J2EE: Does a JTA-aware transactional hashmap exist?

  1. Does a JTA-aware transactional hashmap exist? (3 messages)

    Hi, I hope this is the correct place to ask this question. I'm looking for a hashmap library that can be managed by JTA. I thought the jakarta transaction library had one, but there is a major bug filed claiming no JTA support. Thanks.
  2. what do you mean managed by JTA? adding/updating/deleting objects in the HashMap??? Personally may be just easier to use an in-memory database instead of a hashmap like hypersonic, and use JTA(for example if ur using Spring/Hibernate transaction manager.)
  3. yes, puts, removes, etc. done in the context of JTA transactions. (e.g. commit or rollback a bunch of puts to the hashmap). Apache Commons Transaction has a transactional map wrapper, but it doesn't use JTA. It uses an ugly thread-local locking scheme. hypersonic + hibernate are not an option because I want to be able to toss in arbitrary objects (potentially dynamically created classes from cglib) to the map without having to create mapping files ahead of time. Unless hypersonic has some map-like behavior I don't know about. Thanks, Paul
  4. well u can save the classes binary from cglib in hypersonic like a "blob" ..since it is in memory performance will still be very fast..