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    I'm now facing the need to evaluate BPM and SOA plataforms and I have found a lot of information on the web that makes me think that the current offering is just the same than before but just adding the XML support mostly related to Web Services. Do you think that already having an EAI and a Workflow systems that supports WebServices and BPEL is good enough to not going to the road of evaluating yet another platform to addressing the same things that my current one already does? Johann
  2. Yes, I do agree with you. What essentially these SOA platforms do is provide out-of-the-box wiring of the systems using web services which otherwise we have to do (or doing)using MOM. I see advantages with these SOA platforms when deployed at enterprise level or want to interact with other vendors outside your domain (B2B scenarios). Srini PS : After I have done my study on SOA platforms I was trying to find if anybody is of this opinion that ESB = EAI + Workflow with Web Servcies and I found your posting.
  3. Thanks for your thoughts, we've been using a j2ee platform and there a lot of functionality that is common to all applications that is not addressed by the j2ee spec, you have the tools but you still need something on the top of it. What I've seen is that most of this requirements are solved on a project basis so a SOA platform could be a good way to avoid doing this. Cheers! Johann