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    As part of the Europa release BIRT 2.2 is now available. This release contains many improvements and new features. BIRT now has the capability to produce dynamic crosstabs, which are tables that are aggregated across columns and rows, using the dimensions and measures of a data cube. The data cubes are built using existing BIRT data sets and the new cube builder. Additionally 2.2 now supports PPT, XLS, DOC, Postscript outputs in addition to the existing PDF and (Paginated) HTML outputs. Existing data drivers have been improved and a new web service data source is available as well. BIRT 2.2 supplies new deployment project wizards to aid in the deployment of the BIRT viewer and chart engines. As part of these new web projects, two new tag libraries are available that allow the viewer/chart engine packages to be easily integrated into existing web applications. These are just a few of the new features that are available with the 2.2 release. To read more about the release, see the BIRT 2.2 New and Notable.

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    Hi All, I am evaluating BIRT 2.2 for our project, and was stuck up with the following issues: 1) How does BIRT support internationalization for dynamic data coming for the database? 2) Can we use simply Java instead of JavaScript in the functions? 3) Is it possible to map a date in the database (the date is store in long form in the table) to a normal date time form in BIRT without using JavaScript or java functions? Reply With Quote