eviware is happy to announce the beta1 version of soapUI 1.7.5, which features a large number of community feature requests and improvements. Major improvements in soapUI 1.7.5 are * Extensive support for cloning/moving TestSteps/TestCases/TestSuites withing/between projects * Workspace management * Enhanced generation of TestSuites * Enhanced generation of MockServices * A new Response SLA Assertion (Contribution by Cory Lewis!) * Possibility to reorder TestCases within a TestSuite * Possibiliy to Disable/Enable TestSteps * Improved "Update Definition" functionality This release also has a number of exciting improvements for our Pro users; * Initial reporting support for Functional Tests (TestCases/TestSuites) * Script-library support for keeping common functionality in a central location available to all scripts in soapUI Pro * Full drag-and-drop support for moving/cloning TestSuites/TestCase/TestSteps/Interfaces/etc.. both within and between projects * Improved XPath Assertion dialog with a new wizard for selecting matching values * Improved Outline Editor with a toolbar, a column displaying type-information, and general memory improvements * etc.. Of course a large number of bugs have been fixed, see http://www.soapui.org/new_and_noteworthy_175.html for a more complete list, download links, etc. As always we owe great thanks to our users for testing and giving us feedback on bug-fixes and improvements.. Enjoy! /the-soapui-team-at-eviware.com