Alex Miller -- who is a senior staff Engineer at BEA Systems -- takes us through a weekly update on Java 7's most recent additions:
Modularity The initial JSR 316 for Java EE 6 came out this week and it has some references to relying on the Java 277 module system (to the exclusion of others such as JSR 291). Peter Kriens had probably the best comments on this that I’ve seen.
Language Proposals The language change discussions have slowed down quite a bit but there a few interesting links out there this week. Michael Nischt presented an idea for Inline-Methods and Closure-Blocks to add control abstraction without closures. Shai made a case against the property keyword. And Neal Gafter posted an interesting proposal on constructor type inference, suggesting that Java should provide type inference on the right-hand side of generic constructor assignment, as well as other locations. Neal’s ideas are interesting as always and attract a highly insightful stream of comments, so check it out.
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