JNP (Java Network Programming) or IIOP - which to use?


General J2EE: JNP (Java Network Programming) or IIOP - which to use?

  1. We're trying to decided how to connect to a remote EJB. We're unsure if it is better to use the CORBA IIOP standard or use JNP. I have a few questions. Since corba is supported on all apps servers (even those not java based), a jar file exists for this protocol and we don't have to worry about including extra JARs in our client app. Is the same for JNP (when just dealing with Java app servers)? For example, I Had to include some Jboss jars in the class path of my client in order to make a succesful connection to the remote bean for a JNP, but I did not have to do this for IIP. Does every Java app server have some JNP jars so that I do not have to use the SERVER jars? Basically, what I'm asking is JNP a standard?
  2. You need to make JNDI client to the J2EE Server Application, you will have EJB remote interface stubs on the client side, where you have to connect to the J2EE Server that has the EJBs remotely... Don't use CORBA..
  3. why not use CORBA[ Go to top ]

    I need more clarification on why not to use CORBA. I understand how to connect through both CORBA and JNP. But CORBA seems more portable than JNP, and I don't have to use propriatary connection information when setting up my initial context with CORBA...seems like i better way to go to me when we're not sure what application servers we will deploying our remote bean on.