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    We have Java webservices implemented with Spring and Axis, and we are recieving SOAP messages from an external party. When they get the format of these messages wrong, they don't know how to fix them unless we tell them what they got wrong... joy... So we have to check the XML of the message against the service and its WSDL, and pick out what they did wrong - there's a bad type, or a misnamed parameter, or whatever. This is not a trivial task to do by eye, especially as the parameters may not be in the correct order! I'm sure there must be some utility somewhere that can check this for us, and pick out where the mismatches are, but I can't seem to find such a thing. Has anyone ever heard of one? Cheers Tracey
  2. There are some solutions but... Do you use Axis 1 or 2 ? Do you use document/literal or rpc/encoded style ? Which marshaller/binding framework do you use with Axis? See the Axis mailing list: it will help you => Johan.
  3. Did you ever determine a solution for this? Thanks.