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News: Taylor MDA 1.0.0 GA Released

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    The Taylor team is excited to announce the release of Taylor MDA 1.0.0 GA. Taylor MDA is an Eclipse based UML modeling tool that specializes in the generation of JEE5 applications. Taylor uses a convention-based code generation approach so that the maximum amount of code can be generated from streamlined UML models. In addition, it uniquely leverages UML Stereotypes to generate Java 5 annotations into your classes. Find out more here: http://taylor.sourceforge.net/index.php/News

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  2. Specialized in J2EE?[ Go to top ]

    Isn't the whole idea of MDA is to be platform independent? So how can and MDA tool be specialized in JEE5?... doesn't sound very MDA to me... Of course the only thing I know about MDA are the buzzwords (or buzzcronyms? MDA, PIM, PDM, PSM).
  3. Good Question[ Go to top ]

    Specialized just means that our day-to-day focus is on writing JEE5 applications, so that is the only target architecture that we have had a need to write code generators for so far. So, if you are doing ejb3 then Taylor will get you rolling quickly today. We might have a project coming up where we will write a set of generation templates for a Spring target architecture. And I know of one fella who is starting to write a set of templates for a Ruby target architecture. But, regardless of the target architecture the core of Taylor stays the same. We definitely invite folks to contribute templates!
  4. Nice Job[ Go to top ]

    On the surface, this looks pretty cool. I'll be taking a closer look since I base my work on either JBoss Seam / Facelets or Ruby on Rails. I'll be very interested in the RoR templates whenever they are completed. Nice Job John.
  5. Out of box modelling[ Go to top ]

    I wish to have a solution which uses surface computing. Whatever we write on the paper to explain to others, We could do the same on the surface computer. Sensor Software which is sitting inside recognizes and converts into images and circulates to team members( it could convert to some standards like uml,....) Navindian Do wat ur heart says. http://blog.360.yahoo.com/navendya
  6. Spring + Hibernate[ Go to top ]

    Is there a cartridge for generating code in Spring and Hibernate just as we get for AndroMDA? I dont want to use Seam/EJB/WS in my JEE project, how can this help me in that case?