Unable to insert french characters in to Database


General J2EE: Unable to insert french characters in to Database

  1. Hi All, I m using struts,jboss and Teradata.I m unable to insert the french characters in to database.I m able to insert japanse, chinese charcters also.I put the content type in jsp page as utf-8. The chenese & japanese charaters are iunserted as a ASCII value.But the french characters r inserted as ?????? like that. Other than that any configuration i need to do in database side or else in action or in Jboss server. Thanks in Advance, Jhon.
  2. Hello dude, try ISO-8859-1
  3. Hello dude, try ISO-8859-1
  4. do not save the characters as ISO-8859 into the database, use UTF-8(make sure ur database is set up for this..)
  5. i m using the UTF-8 format only. But i m able to insert chinese and japanes characters and not french characters. Apart from that anything i want to configure on application server(JBoss 4.0.3-SP1).
  6. DB support[ Go to top ]

    Check whether youur DB supports it
  7. check database character set[ Go to top ]

    Do check if the "character-set" for the table or the column or the database itself can be set to UTF-8. Character Set can be set to any of these objects depending upon the database your using.