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    I'm considering using an open source portal as a framework for some of our (commercial) software products. I've been researching open source portals, but most of the information is dated, and none of it mentions embedding the portal in software. It seems the major players to evaluate are JBoss, Liferay, eXo and JetSpeed-2. Does anyone have experience with either deploying/developing/customizing any of these portals and/or using a portal as a basis for the front-end of a software package?

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    It depends what is your end product. Portals are web2.0 Standard based Web System. We have used portal technology to deliver our business online.
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    Our software has domain specific functionality and some general functionality like calendaring, forums, surveys & messaging (sometimes with domain specific customization). We also want the ability to configure security, customize look and feel, configure the "home page" of the apps and integrate into enterprise infrastructure. It seems that portals solve many of these problems. My concern is the increased footprint, performance implications and binding myself to another vendor. Any opinions considering these factors?