The WebRenderer Server Edition 4.0 is based upon Mozilla technologies (the same as Firefox 1.5) providing leading web standards compliance. The 4.0 release is a ground up refactor of WebRenderer Server Edition 3.0, and is designed to increase scalability in multi-threaded environments. Significant performance improvements have been gained through a new internal thread layer reducing bottle-necks within Mozilla. Code improvements focusing on increased stability and reduced memory overhead have concluded in a robust scalable server-side Java browser SDK. The JadeLiquid team have worked closely with key WebRenderer Server Edition clients to deliver a robust, scalable and memory efficient server-side Java browser SDK in the WebRenderer Server Edition 4.0. Memory consumption is significantly reduced by changes to the architecture. Usage of the WebRenderer Server Edition is varied from generating images (including thumbnails) from web content in headless environments (including without the X Window System on Linux), to automated printing of web documents through to web services monitoring and validation. The WebRenderer Server Edition is utilized by major organizations throughout the world, including for real-time on-demand generation of thumbnails. A 30 day trial version of the WebRenderer Server Edition is available at Pricing is quoted by customer.