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    All, Which is the good opensource java implementation of WebDAV server for App Servers? Is it Apache's Slide or something else? thanks, Uday.

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    Please see milton. Its an open-source java webdav server protocol handler. Its not a full server in itself. Instead, you can use it to expose any existing data source (eg your CMS, hibernate pojos, etc) through webdav
  3. Did anyone try Milton[ Go to top ]

    As I think I tried to download the Milton 1.4 api and tried to run a webapp based on the Sample Servlet application provided by Milton. I think we need to modify the codebase in order to make it work... Can anyone provide any example(other than provided by Milton) that works? Why I want to use a different example other that Milton- 1. It uses the same package name as the milton api.. 2. So the sample app calls certain api methods/fields that have a default access those methods can be used in the class name containing same package name but for ur customized application it wont work... For Ex: In their sample class, look the following code public void setProperties(PropPatchHandler.Fields fields) { PropPatchHandler.SetField f; for(Iterator i$ = fields.setFields.iterator(); i$.hasNext(); props.put(, f.value)) f = (PropPatchHandler.SetField)i$.next(); PropPatchHandler.Field f1; for(Iterator i$ = fields.removeFields.iterator(); i$.hasNext(); props.remove( f1 = (PropPatchHandler.Field)i$.next(); } it calls fields.setFields and fields.removeFields, where as if u see the api code there is no access specifier for setFields and removeFields I will appreciate if anyone can help on this...