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    I've got a problem with one of the EJB restrictions. The EJB specification says, that an EJB must not use the API. Of course this could be a security hole. But I have a problem where I need to create a file. Is there a way to do this? A general solution or a specific solution for the iPlanet AS would be fine.


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    Although the spec says you shouldn't, you can, or at least you can with WLS.

    How do your log files get written to from your beans?
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    Create an external application that can do that,register
    it in the JNDI, calling it through RMI or JMS.
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    How about writing the data into a database table that you can file. Then you can have another java program running outside the server, read the data from the database and write it out to a file.

    Why can't you just write your data to the database? Can you provide more details about your situation.
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    Hey ,as you are maintaining the error log fine and having that in your classpath . while mentioning over a Xml file you can have your data save and later on can retrive it