I have two tables account and address. I have two objects Address.java and Account.java. I am populating the value from address table into Address.java but keeping an instance of Address class in Account.java as “address”. I created the map statements and done all the configurations correctly. I have two xml files both are included in the configuration file also. The map statements are // Account.xml select * from ACCOUNT where ACC_ID = #value# //Address.xml select ADR_ID as id, ADR_DESCRIPTION as description, ADR_STREET as street, ADR_CITY as city, ADR_PROVINCE as province, ADR_POSTAL_CODE as postalCode from ADDRESS where ADR_ACC_ID = #value# The tables are CREATE TABLE ACCOUNT ( ACC_ID INTEGER NOT NULL, ACC_FIRST_NAME TEXT, ACC_LAST_NAME TEXT, ACC_EMAIL TEXT, PRIMARY KEY (ACC_ID) ); CREATE TABLE ADDRESS ( ADR_ID INTEGER NOT NULL, ADR_ACC_ID INTEGER NOT NULL, ADR_DESCRIPTION TEXT, ADR_STREET TEXT, ADR_CITY TEXT, ADR_PROVINCE TEXT, ADR_POSTAL_CODE TEXT, PRIMARY KEY (ADR_ID) ); The java statement is List list = sqlMap.executeQueryForList("getAccounts", new Integer(1)); it is showing the error as ERROR [main] - Error executing 'getAccounts' in 'examples/sqlmap/maps/Account.xml'. Check the Result Map. Check the 'address' property. Cause: java.sql.SQLException: No data found java.sql.SQLException: No data found at com.ibatis.db.sqlmap.MappedStatement.runQueryForList(MappedStatement.java:677) at com.ibatis.db.sqlmap.MappedStatement.executeQueryForList(MappedStatement.java:581) at com.ibatis.db.sqlmap.MappedStatement.executeQueryForList(MappedStatement.java:561) at com.ibatis.db.sqlmap.SqlMap.executeQueryForList(SqlMap.java:784) at examples.sqlmap.QueryForListExample.queryForListExample(QueryForListExample.java:30) at examples.sqlmap.QueryForListExample.main(QueryForListExample.java:66) Exception : java.sql.SQLException: No data found Can anybody please let me know about the actual problem that I am facing. I need to do it in my realtime application and to move it in production. So please let me know about the problem ASAP. I need the two different queries from different tables combined in one Object. Any help will be appreciable Regards, PRINCE V. K.