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    BEA has recently announced its Web Services strategy. Like Sun and HP, BEA's announcement is initially a repackaging of its existing products (WebLogic Server with SOAP support, WebLogic Collaborate with BTP support, and WebLogic Process Integrator) with plans for support for other initiatives such as UDDI, WDSL, and ebXML. BEA also announced that it will integrate its WebLogic Server with the BEA Tuxedo transaction engine.

    Read BEA Brings Web Services Strategy To Light.

    Press release:
    DALLAS, Texas. - February 26, 2001 — BEA Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: BEAS), one of the world's leading e-business infrastructure software companies, today announced its Web Services strategy and platform support for Web Services standards. BEA's Web Services software allows business functions to be accessed by applications over the Internet using Web-standard protocols. Today, BEA delivers a comprehensive Web Services architecture based on the market-leading BEA WebLogic E-Business Platform™ that enables direct business to business integration and collaboration.

    "Web Services will be as fundamental to e-business as the Web itself, "said Bill Coleman, BEA co-founder, chairman and CEO. "E-businesses must continue to specialize themselves, focusing on their core value-add, and as a result must grow increasingly interdependent on other e-businesses that offer complementary value. To date, the Web has mainly been about human users and Web browsers, but Web Services will extend the Web platform with standards that enable business applications to directly and automatically interact with other business applications across the Internet. BEA's rich Web Services offering is delivering on this promise - from simple Web Services problems like getting quotes, checking inventories, and placing orders, to highly complex challenges like using Internet collaboration to create multi-vendor products."

    Based on BEA products that are available today, the BEA Web Services architecture empowers companies to leverage their existing investments in Java, J2EE and e-business infrastructure. BEA's Web Services architecture extends the BEA WebLogic E-Business Platform with current and planned support for the widest range of emerging Web Services standards, including Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Web Services Description Language (WSDL), Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI), Business Transaction Protocol (BTP), and electronic business eXtensible Markup Language (ebXML). As an active member in the standards bodies defining Web Services standards, and by taking the lead in inaugurating the Business Transaction Protocol initiative, which has 40 member companies including HP, IBM, and Microsoft, BEA has taken a leadership position in developing and supporting Web Services.

    "Web Services architecture is a component model for B2B. Like any component model, its deployment requires a run-time infrastructure platform and development tools," said Yefim Natis, vice president and research director of GartnerGroup, Inc. "The quality of service offered by a Web Services provider platform will depend on the maturity, scalability and integrity of the underlying platform as much as on the maturity and functional richness of the Web Services standards and protocols. The software infrastructure vendors with established enterprise credibility will have a strong advantage in the Web Services Architecture business."

    "Web Services is a natural extension to the WebLogic application server," said Alfred Chuang, co-founder, president, and COO of BEA Systems, Inc. "Precisely the same qualities that have made WebLogic Server the clear industry leader also make us the Web Services platform of choice today - our proven large-scale deployments, our rich Java and XML capabilities, our Web integration, and our 1,500 value-added channel partners."

    "With its Web Services strategy, BEA is demonstrating the tight linkage between the industry standard J2EE platform and next-generation e-business systems," said Rich Green, vice president and general manager, Java Technologies, Software Systems Group, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "We will continue to enhance J2EE as the foundation platform for building and delivering Web Services."

    About BEA's Web Services Architecture

    BEA provides a complete offering that supports simple, informational Web Services, as well as complex, transaction-based Web Services in one integrated platform. Key product components of BEA's Web Services architecture include:

    BEA WebLogic Server - As the market-leading J2EE application server and cornerstone of the WebLogic E-Business Platform, BEA WebLogic Server hosts and exposes simple, one-call, one-response Web Services. BEA WebLogic Server today offers support for the basic protocols and standards, such as SOAP, with support planned for emerging standards such as UDDI and WSDL.
    BEA WebLogic Collaborate - BEA's open and extensible B2B collaboration platform, BEA WebLogic Collaborate, integrates trading partners across the Web and enables complex Web Services to be deployed with transactional integrity, security, and reliability. BEA WebLogic Collaborate extends simple Web Services into sophisticated Business Web Services required for complex, B2B commerce and integration.
    BEA WebLogic Process Integrator - As the workflow engine for BEA WebLogic Collaborate, BEA WebLogic Process Integrator controls the sequencing of various stages of a Web Service to help execute collaborative B2B processes.

    BEA Systems, Inc.
    BEA Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: BEAS) is one of the world's leading e-business infrastructure software companies, with over 9,400 customers around the world including the majority of the Fortune Global 500. BEA and its WebLogic brand are among the most trusted names in e-business. Businesses built on the award-winning BEA WebLogic E-Business Platform are reliable, highly scalable, and poised to bring new services to market quickly. BEA's e-business platform is the de facto standard for over 1,500 systems integrators, independent software vendors (ISVs) and application service providers (ASPs) to provide complete solutions that fast-track and future-proof e-businesses for high growth and profitability. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., BEA has 93 offices in 30 countries and is on the Web at
  2. Wow Soap support!!! Are you kidding? You could add this to any product in a couple of hours.
  3. Its a lot more than SOAP support. Web Services is just a marketing term for a software stack sold by a vendor.

    BEA's stack has the following components:

    Process Collaborator. This is a protocol engine for managing conversations between you and your partners. It supports various standard protocols and BEAs protocols. This is probably where you will see WSDL/SOAP and UDDI.

    Process Integrator. This is a business process manager/workflow engine. This would be used to coordinate the interactions between your components/legacy systems and Process Collaborator also.

    WebLogic. The application server, put your business logic in this.

    And thats it. Most vendors have a similar technical mapping to the above components. Thats all Web Services is. It's a software stack for implementing B2B applications and for integrating your own applications together in a business process.