What's the pace of innovation for one of Java's key pieces, the Java Virtual Machine ? Neil Bartlett explores the issues comparing it to advancements in .NET's CLR.
I think it’s clear that Microsoft are innovating faster on the CLR. For example: LINQ is an extremely powerful new feature (based on Haskell monads, I might add); Generics were supported earlier and better in C# than in Java (both flavours were inspired by Haskell’s polymorphic type classes… hmm!); the CLR has better support for multiple languages than the JVM; and now it has the DLR, which is probably two years ahead of the JVM being able to offer anything comparable.
So the JVM may not be the most innovative kid on the block any more, but it will still be the first choice for a large number of developers, simply because we can see that Microsoft is still playing the same old lock-in game they have always played.
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