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    WingSBuilder is a Groovy builder for the wingS framework that will let you build UIs in the same fashion as SwingBuilder does for Swing. The project is located at Most of the constructs provided by the original SwingBuilder are supported in WingSBuilder, thanks to the efforts of the wingS team in following the Swing model very closely. WingSBuilder also supports wingS specific components and the ability to attach your own components through widget() & container(). The site provides an example using the original Guessing Game presented at . You can't miss checking it out if you are a Groovy enthusiast ;-)
  2. Does anyone use wingS? I was playing with the demo and it was brutally slow. I'm not sure having a wait icon pop up on selecting a check-box is the kind of user experience I'm looking to provide.
  3. I just played with it for the first time and I was quite impressed. I don't think you necessarily have to send an AJAX request every time (i.e.) a box is checked. There were other demos where you could click and it only changed on the client. I suspect it depends on what components have postback events. So now I wonder how this compares to OpenLazlo or GWT...
  4. It's very slow...
  5. WingS is not slow[ Go to top ]

    What you are experiencing is the network latency. If you were accessing it from within Germany or nearby, it'd be really really fast and responsive. And yes, Time Passx, you're right. It depends on the components and their configuration. A checkbox residing in a form and without icons is rendered as a plain html checkbox. If there's no listener attached, there won't be a server hit.