Im parsing all form fields from a syntax I named EBDataPath ( Entity Bean Data path ). The syntax is like this: (Entity) <input name="Store.Section.Product.num.idProduct" ... for example. my types are: txt, num, chk (checkbox) and date. All this interpreter do is map all paths to a hashtable, populate it with according entities which fields was setted with values from form. But now I need to submit the root entity to the manager and be assure that all fields ( even that not in the form ) will be persisted. Until now all that I know is that i should tranverse all entities and from the id field get the record from manager to put all values from unmanaged entity on it. I wold like to know what is the best strategey to merge the uncomplete and unmanaged entities into the corresponding entity retrieved from manager when i find the id annotation. Any idea will be very welcome. thanks