I just posted Version 1.0 of the Timing Framework to the project site; check it out for the latest, stable version of the library. There actually haven't been that many changes to the library of late. Partly, this was by design: I didn't want to cause too much contortion between fully documenting the library in Filthy Rich Clients and actually releasing the book. But also, since a major refactoring of the code in late 2006, the library has been relatively stable (and useful). There are clearly more capabilities that make sense to add to the library in future releases. For example, I've been toying with the idea of an overall "Timeline" for some time, but it just hasn't made it into the library yet. Also, I would like to tweak some of the default assumptions, such as having non-linear interpolation by default; linear makes sense from an analytical standpoint, but tends to produce unrealistic animations, so it makes a poor default choice.
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